Top 5 Common Email Signature Mistakes

Tuesday, 31 December 2019 09:43


As we all know email marketing is one of the important parts of marketing efforts. And one and maybe the most important part of email marketing is having email signatures. But having it isn't enough as you have to care about all parts. So we are sharing with you Top 5 Email Signature Mistakes so you can check yours and correct them.

1. Not caring about branding

Branding is important everywhere. You need to care about your brand consistency as every touch between you and your customers is a chance of making your name unforgettable. You should keep the same color, same font, same filter for images when you are adding email signatures. All these will make your customers remember your brand easily and even after seeing some colors, they will recognize you without reading anything. All team members must understand the value of it and should apply.

2. Not having CTA

Call to action works everywhere. It directly helps the receiver to take some actions which are important for your business. Want to make your customers download your new guide? Use CTA. Want to make users subscribe to your newsletter?

Use CTA. Want to bring them to your page and increase your followers on Facebook? Use CTA. Want to give them promotional code and make them buy something? Use CTA. As you see by using CTA in your email signatures you will create lead generation or brand awareness source. And it's free!

3. Giving too much information

Email signatures are good for announcing and promoting some new features or products, yes. But as you all know, people don't like to read much. And when they get a lot of information or offers in a flash they can't decide what to choose and what to do and probably will just leave. 

You should give information like your brand name, logo, personal name, number, address, title and some CTA for sending them to important pages. And use some funny quotes, sentences to make readers interact with your email signature. That's all.

4. Not using alt-text

Using alt-text is one part of search engine optimization. But for email signatures, they are important for explaining all images for better interactions. Maybe they won't understand what the Youtube logo means and why you put it there, but bringing a mouse on it will be enough for understanding that you have a Youtube channel where they can get some product features in detail and just watch 'How to do?' videos. You can use covers of your guides or some banners for webinars to attract readers and explain them a bit with some alt-text.

5. Not having responsive email signatures

We definitely don't think that you have forgotten your readers who use small mobile screens. Have you checked how your email signature looks on different screens? Are all CTA buttons, icons clickable? Is it easy to see all parts of it or you need to waste time with zoom-in and zoom-outs? And what if your customer wants to click to the given number and contact you but he or she just can't as you haven't added 'click to call' and it's just text. Sad.


But no worries. Our team is always here for help!